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Tanmai Gopal

Tanmai Gopal#

Tanmai is the co-founder of hasura.io. He is passionate about making it easy to build things and is the instructor of India's largest MOOC imad.tech with over 250,000 students.


Writing a realtime GraphQL backend as a compiler in Haskell#

At Hasura, we’ve been building a high-performance GraphQL backend that can handle a large number of subscription connections. We took a few interesting approaches to tackle this problem, and in this talk I’ll go over the key architectural decisions, programming constructs and ofcourse the unforseen implementation pitfalls we ran into. I’ll also cover tools from the Haskell ecosystem that made this possible. These are some of the topics I’ll touch upon:

  • Fast GraphQL parsing with parser combinators
  • Modelling and manipulating the GraphQL AST with algebraic data types
  • Software Transactional Memory: Concurrency constructs for scaling graphql subscriptions

GraphQL Finland is a community-organized GraphQL conference. The first of its kind in Finland, the event consists of a workshop day and a day of talks around the topic. GraphQL Finland is organized by the same team that brought you React Finland.

There are still few GraphQL conferences in the world. However, GraphQL already has an amazing, vibrant community. We wanted to provide a new platform for people to share their GraphQL experience and a new place for people to learn about GraphQL.

In this single track event you will learn more about GraphQL and surrounding topics while meeting some of the leading talents of the community. In addition to enjoying the event, this is your chance to explore Finland. It's still relatively warm in October, trust us.

Check out our speaker list. Schedule will be finished soon, in the meantime check out workshops. Read our attendee guide. Sponsor us.


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